Camp Life Truism # 4: Camper Camaraderie

Every lifestyle has its quirks and camp life certainly has no shortage of quirkiness. We are coming up on our 19th month of camp life, and while we are masters of nothing, we have managed to glean a bit of experiential wisdom along the way. In that spirit, we are putting together installments for what we have affectionately coined our “camp life truisms” series. The first edition focused on consumption, the second on laundry, the third on cellular frustrations, and this week’s piece focuses on campground community….

Truism # 4: Camper Camaraderie 

Anyway you cut it, if you are staying in campgrounds/ RV parks, you are likely going to be in close proximity to neighbors, and lots of them! Finding ourselves constantly surrounded by people seemed like something we would grow tired of, but we love the community aspect of this lifestyle. There is a high level of comradery that comes from being in such close confines that goes beyond just being “neighborly”. Perhaps, in part, it is because large segments of the population that we “roll” with are retirees, but RV folk tend to be happy, friendly, and approachable. Even though we are full-timers and this is our daily life, there is a certain “vacation” feel to living in an RV park/ campground, especially amongst so many retirees. Wine socials at 11 am, walking groups, and rec hall gatherings, we see it all, on the regular. And, while our days are structured around work, we love just being in proximity to this comradery.

Pointing out someone’s state of origin from their license plate is a quick and familiar ice breaker and a frequent conversation starter. Pausing to talk to strangers is a regular part of each day. Sharing tales of places been and recommendations and origin stories. Dog walking is an instant friend-maker activity.

When campers leave, they frequently gift to their neighbors firewood, supplies, and various perishables that didn’t get used up during their stay. There is a shared sense of watching out for each other, offering tips and advice, and wanting to help that is a far cry from apartment dwelling. We are all out here together, and there is definitely a commonality in this shared interest that binds RVers together into an instant community. Even in this current climate, with especially divisive rhetoric floating around us every day, we have come to appreciate that there is far more that unites us all and makes us similar to our neighbors. We have come to appreciate that we are all more alike than we think, and we love the welcomingness and community we have found amongst our fellow road dwellers!

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