6 Notable Things About New Jersey & Connecticut


We spent several weeks in early Spring making our way down the Eastern coast. Having more ground to cover than time, we made a rather quick tour of portions of New Jersey and Connecticut. Here are 6 collective things that stood-out during our short stays in each of these two states:

Loads of groundhogs

Groundhogs have made neighboring Pennsylvania famous for hosting the annual Ground Hog’s Day celebration. While not as well-known for this furry phenomena, we spotted dozens of groundhogs throughout our time in New Jersey, which was something of a surprise to us. We most often spotted them in forested areas and fields along the highway.

Pump assist

With the recent amendment in Oregon law allowing patrons to now pump their own gas, New Jersey is the last state in the US where it is technically illegal to pump your own gas. While this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, it does become irritating if you are in a rush and happen to need gas during a busy time.

It’ll cost ya!

New Jersey highways are littered with hefty tolls. We were not prepared for this nor were we able to find ways to avoid them most of the time. To add insult to injury, many of the toll plazas charged us more, not because we had a truck camper, but because we were a dually, as they apparently toll based on how many wheels your vehicle has regardless of the weight.

No country for pedestrians

Hills aside, large portions of the towns throughout Connecticut that we visited don’t have sidewalks in many of the neighborhoods, making foot travel treacherous. Where there are sidewalks, they are generally only on one side of the street, not both, and they just end, randomly, without warning.

Break the bank gas tank

Due in part to higher taxes, gas prices in Connecticut are high- seriously high! Hovering at just around $3 per gallon in many places, road tripping through this state will definitely take a literal toll on your finances. We were told to wait until we crossed the state line into neighboring Massachusettes, when possible, and that was a very good tip!

Chipmunk country

These cute and active rodents were everywhere throughout Connecticut. Though squirrels are normally the dominant land critter, chipmunk encounters outnumbered them by a long shot throughout our CT travels. Because of their numbers, it seemed like they were more adjusted to humans, and a lot more adventurous and visible in their daily activities.

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