6 Notable Things About Ohio

Ohio –  We headed north far too early and got to spend some chilly & rainy days throughout northern Ohio. Word to the wise, finding an available campground before April 15th / May 1st in Ohio can be a challenge!  Throughout our time there, here are a few things that stood out about Ohio along the way:

Farmland everywhere

Though we know this Midwestern state is an agricultural hub, we did not know how vast and numerous the farms would be, even around major cities, like Cleveland. Rolling through the state really made us feel like we were out in the country on a “Sunday drive”!

Homes with human-made ponds

Numerous homes we passed by had ponds in their yards. Their perfect size, shape, and location were a tip-off that they were not a natural part of the landscape. This is definitely a trend we noticed throughout Ohio and a nice alternative to swimming pools.


Similar to how the usage of “Parish” stood-out for its uniqueness in Louisiana, the usage of “Township” throughout Ohio to refer to the cities was noticeable for its formality.

Radio Towers

Driving through Ohio, we spotted a number of radio towers. Being unfamiliar with these, we initially mistook them for prison watchtowers, because, from a distance, that is exactly what they looked like!

Random radio tower

We “C” a trend

All major cities in Ohio tend to have one thing in common, they all start with the letter “C”. Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati. Not an eye-opening revelation, but something that stood out!

Cedar Point

For roller coaster enthusiasts, Ohio’s Cedar Point is a favorite destination. Cedar Point is one of the oldest amusement parks in the U.S. and is well-known for featuring innovative and thrilling rides.

Photo from Cedar Point’s official webpage

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