6 Notable Things About Arizona

Arizona- we spent the month of December exploring this state and basking in the warm climate! From the cacti filled desert to the Ponderosa forests, we enjoyed different regions and landscapes and even had the opportunity visit the Grand Canyon and a ghost town! Throughout our travels, here are a few things we noticed about Arizona along the way:


The largest free camping area in the world! Well, maybe, I can’t substantiate this claim with any actual facts, but there sure is a lot of free boondocking (dry camping) land in the town of Quartzsite. This free camping town is a mecca for RVers and various convergences and showcases.

Boondocking in Quartzsite

Wine country

For real, Arizona has a wine country!! Despite popular cultural depictions, not all of Arizona is covered in sand and cacti. Large portions of the state in the high desert region are green and fertile and wine country is being cultivated. The town of Cottonwood is a good jumping off point for Arizona wine country, as its downtown hosts multiple different tasting rooms featuring local vineyards.

Wild burros

Posted signs along the highway warn of burros (wild donkeys) in the same way much of the country warns of deer. Try as we might, we never had the pleasure of spotting one, but heard from several locals that they do exist!

Reverse Ageism (peppered with a dash classism)

This is largely based on our experience in trying to find an RV park in the Phoenix area for the holidays (near where our family was). We soon discovered thru trial and error that the vast majority of the RV parks in this particular metro area cater to the 55 and older crowd and many also reserve the right to refuse your rig if it is older than 10 years. Not exactly the inclusive, welcoming, start we were hoping for at Christmas time.

Up up and away!

Hot air balloons fill the morning sky all over the state. The nearly year-round summer weather throughout most of Arizona makes it a great spot for outdoor adventure activities.

Hot air balloons in the far distance (not my best pic!)

No Daylight Saving Time

Long past are the days when we reasoned for changing the clocks to make our energy consumption more economical. As the evolution of our daily lives has changed, dramatically, this state has done away with the antiquated practice of Daylight Saving Time. No more “Spring forward” and “Fall back.” Leave your clock right where it is and rest easy (except for some sections of Navajo Nation land). This night owl for one enjoys the chance to leave work in the Winter with a sliver of daylight left!

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