6 Notable Things About Las Vegas


Las Vegas- To say that we explored Nevada would be cheating, as our journey across this state only took us to Las Vegas. With limited time, and having to fly from Las Vegas to California for an event, we found ourselves making a treat of our short stay by enjoying our first RV resort while in Las Vegas. Since we can’t truly claim to have explored Nevada as a whole, here are a few things we noticed about Las Vegas during this trip (and several prior):

It’s a mirage!

Not just the name of a famous casino, the Las Vegas strip itself is truly a mirage nestled into the Nevada desert. Because everything here is larger than life, everything also looks far closer than it is. Simply walking from one casino to the other will take you far longer than you estimated, and crossing the street can be an obstacle course of winding corridors, escalators, and sky bridges. Case-in-point, do not try walking to the Stratosphere from Treasure Island- it’s a trap!

Yeah it’s hot, but it is a “dry heat”.

We have heard this so many times before it feels cliché to even reference it, and yet, it is true. The “dry heat” takes on the feel of a hair dryer when the wind blows. While it isn’t exactly muggy per se, sweat is sweat, so you will still feel sticky after a while. Thankfully, you are never far from air conditioning with so many casinos nearby!

The ventilation is really, really impressive.

We have been to non-Vegas casinos, and try as they might, they almost always smell of cigarette smoke. Las Vegas casinos seem to have the life hack on this, as their ventilation systems are far superior and we almost never notice cigarette smoke as we walk about.

Vegas is not just for games of chance. NOT AT ALL!

Vegas is so, much, more. Whether you want to catch an awe-inspiring show, lounge by the pool for some R & R, eat to your heart’s content, shop, explore, or dance the night away in one-of-a-kind nightclubs, Vegas caters to so many different tastes, activities, and vices beyond gambling. And, because every day here feels like the weekend, go during the week when crowds are thinner and prices are reduced, and party as if every day is Saturday!

Drinking in nightclubs is expensive, any way you cut it.

Think $15 Heineken, no joke! Pro tip- drinking out in the open on the strip is legal, and convenience stores that carry adult beverages are abundant. So pre-game (and hydrate!), as you walk to your destination and save yourself a little more credit card debt.

Las Vegas is by design an over-the-top playground catering to adults.

There is nothing subtle or discrete about it, but that is part of its charm. Walk around and look at the different casinos, a lot of care and detail went into their design and each one has something unique to ogle at. These may not be natural marvels, but it is pretty impressive to see the designs that people can come up with and what opulence will build!


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