6 Notable Things About (southern) Idaho

Idaho- we only had a few days to explore this state, and divided our time between the capital city of Boise and the city of Twin Falls. Though our time was short and sweet, here are a few things we noticed along the way:

Vibrant urban art scene!

Whether it is painted mailboxes or alleyways devoted entirely to street art (check-out “Freak Alley”), Boise has a vibrant street art scene that has spilled over into surrounding suburbs, like Garden City.

A refreshingly unpretentious approach to wine

From warehouse wine tasting (we recommend Cinder Tasting Room) in Garden City, to jalapeno wine samples made by Potter Wines (legit spicy!) at the Boise Saturday farmer’s market, to self-serve wine pours at Bodovino in downtown Boise, wine is refreshing, fun, and approachable in Idaho.

Basque in a slice of Europe

Unbeknownst to us before we headed to Boise, there is a huge Basque influence in the region. You will even find an entire neighborhood near the Capitol Building, bearing Basque flags and murals, devoted entirely to Basque culture. Authentic restaurants serve up small slices from this Spanish region. We enjoyed a meal at Bar Gernika, which sang to our hearts with several lamb dish options and a side of croquettes.

Urban planning that incorporates the natural setting

We stayed at a campground in Garden City because this was the closest we could find to Boise. Lucky for us, urban planning embraced the natural scenery, and there was a greenbelt built along the length of the Boise River, leading us all the way into downtown Boise. We were able to ride our bikes each day into downtown without the need to rely on our truck. Along the way, we saw urban dwellers not only making great use of the greenbelt pathway, but also the river, where we even saw surfers!

First continental U.S. restaurant with onsite worm composting

We happened to grab a meal at the Bittercreek Ale House, when we noticed signs about worms. Curious, we took to the internet and discovered that below us, worms were hard at work, composting the restaurant’s leftover food scraps. A fun and sustainable way to help combat food waste!

Jump off a bridge. Literally.

Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho is the first, and only bridge, that we have come across in our travels where base jumping is allowed. Whether you are a daredevil or not, enjoy the show and take in the beautiful views of the snake river below.


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  1. I always enjoyed my Boise layovers where I skied in the winter and tubed in the summer.

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