6 Notable Things About Washington State


Washington State was our next stop on our way North. During the time we spent there, we had the opportunity to discover a few towns, explore beautiful landscapes, and meet with family and friends. These are a few things we noticed about Washington along the way:

Ferry System

The second biggest estuary in the US is the Puget Sound, which includes major towns like Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and Everett. In order to move millions of passengers every year along the different islands, the biggest ferry system in the United States is in place. We had the opportunity to explore the coast along Port Townsend aboard one of the vessels in the fleet!

Traffic in Tacoma

The I-5 connects the Tacoma area with the capital, Seattle, and it is probably one of the biggest headaches for residents and visitors. Everyday commuters, travelers going to the airport or just any vehicle crossing the state suffer of the horrible traffic jams produced during rush hour. And, forget about it if it rains…

The sky is gray

No other way around it. You will see pockets of blue skies and sunshine, and even experience beautiful sunny summer days… But most of the time the sky will have a thick gray layer accompanied by mist or light rain.

Tech is king

The greater Seattle area has been and continues to be invaded by tech companies. While Amazon and Microsoft have the biggest presence, others like T-Mobile, Redfin and Airbnb also have their headquarters here. Other giants like Google, Facebook and Dropbox have some of their offices in the area as well. All of this, while representing a good alternative to living in the SF Bay Area, also brings the fast increase in prices of the housing market.

Washington loves the Seahawks

No matter where in the state you are, you will see blue and green and the number 12 wherever you go. Can’t deny they have the coolest uniforms in the NFL. Period.

Little towns, little gems

While we couldn’t spend more time exploring all that this state has to offer (at the end of the day, weekdays are fully devoted to work and we were running out of time to avoid the cold weather… ), we still managed to discover some nice towns. Like Sequim with its lavender farms, Port Townsend with its Victorian vibe and movie festival, Mount Vernon with tulip farms and great food, and the beautiful Olympia, the state capital.


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