Camper Must-Haves

We have been living full-time on the road for almost 3 months now, and here are a few “must-have” items we recommend.
* Note: name brands are referenced below for product familiarity but, this in no way is an endorsement of any brand over the other. We love generics!

Command Hooks with removable adhesive strips

Optimizing storage space is crucial. Command hooks have been an incredibly useful way to add storage holders and mounting additional shelves, as well as a means of hanging decorations without drilling holes or permanently marking the walls.

Velcro Strips

These have been super helpful in securing items in place, particularly for movement. We use longer Velcro cords to secure baskets to the leg of our dinette table while moving, and short Velcro sticker strips to secure things to the wall, like bear spray and keys.

Ziploc bags

Some of the items that I made sure to bring, and now regret the space they occupy, are the many plastic and glass food storage containers we have. Not only are they bulky to store, but they are even bulkier in our tiny fridge. Ziploc bags are a perfect multi-use tool for traditional means, as well as food storage containers for our fridge, and an instant rain jacket for cell phones when we go out hiking.

Aluminum foil

This has long been a camper’s best friend, and deserves mention as it is not only useful in wrapping leftovers, but as a cooking device for campfires and as a makeshift drip pan for camper repairs.

Wet wipes

Both baby and disinfectant wipes are super helpful for camper living. They reduce the amount of paper towels and spray cleaning bottles needed for cleaning, and baby wipes are an excellent way to freshen-up, especially if boondocking. Along the same lines, we also recommend having hand sanitizer at all times in case you are limited on water.


Having an abundant supply of quarters is not something we thought much about while apartment living, but these have become crucial for laundry, showers, and we also use them at grocery stores for water refill stations.


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