6 Notable Things About Oregon

Oregon was our first state of exploration, and where we got our first taste of road life. As we acclimated to our “new normal”, here are a few things we noticed about Oregon along the way:

No Sales Tax! No tax on groceries, restaurants, or purchases of any kind- enjoy this!

Unexpected State laws: such as not being allowed to pump your own gas, and not being able to purchase spirits in grocery stores. Oh yeah, and recreational pot is a thing here too!

Logging trucks are real, and very prevalent, especially in rural areas.

Strangers will greet you. I was familiar with saying “hello” to strangers while growing-up in the Midwest, but had lost this practice while living in California, as most of California is an eclectic mix of transplants, and making eye-contact is not generally the cultural norm.

Forest fires are a summer seasonal thing in Oregon. Threat of fire aside, the cloudy air not only affects visibility, but the air quality.

How stunning the geography is, especially the coastline, with deep blues and greens.


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